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New Lenten Menu in Lancaster Court Restaurant

This year the post will last from March 11 to April 27. Lean food can be tasty and varied. Our new Lenten menu is perfect for those who watch their meals and prefer healthy and healthy food.

Our new lean menu.

  • Green Apple salad with celery and fresh cucumber
  • Salad with carrots, red onions, cherry tomatoes and pickled mushrooms with olive oil
  • Baked beetroot carpaccio with walnuts and honey dressing
  • Tomato soup with beans and cherry tomatoes
  • Broccoli cream –soup
  • Antipasti with eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper and green beans
  • Rice with fried mushrooms
  • Pumpkin baked in tomato concasse
  • Pear baked with honey, walnuts and prunes

Bon appetit!

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